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Amherth Diaries, Session VII: Backlash (clues recap for the readers!!!)

They finally face Fynch, the "feminine" thief of the Adventurer's Guild. They know he's a member of the secretive assassin's guild and that he knows more than they think. In the last session, Celemor told her nephew Elowen that he noticed him following her and Morgane Harrow during one of their "journeys" to the Magic Academy. 
Fynch awaits and doesn't take long before the fellowship pushes on. He confesses: he's an assassin. But not the assassin. He just noticed that another assassin (the actual killer) was moving like a "real" assassin during Summer's End and Fynch got that he was part of the secretive guild himself. But that guild as a golden rule: you don't kill unless a real "murderer order" has been given and no orders had been given. So, the killer was acting on his own. He didn't lie in the end, if you remember the interrogation during the early sessions. 

Fynch tried to stop him writing a message (the fe…

Dark Classes I: The Shaman

Welcome to the first article of the "Dark Classes" series! This blog is currently set in the Amherth investigation oriented campaign I'm running, which uses a mix of LL and BFRPG. 
My aim is to focus on B/X-ish material and most of my focus will be on LL Classic.  Here I present "The Shaman", a class I came up with thanks to the story of my beloved girlfriend, which eventually brought us to Cirice Harrow, one of the characters playing the aforementioned campaign. You can check out a general introduction here. Concept The Shaman has born to recreate the idea of a gifted "witch". There is a single Shaman for any given era. In our case, Shamans see light in the Tradeport's Harrow Faimily, a noble house concerning about alchemy.  Shamans are gifted girls (no man-Shamans) who start dreaming and feeling elemental spirits, nature essences talking to them. They do not study to become one, they just try to focus on their inner experiences and try not to los…

Amherth Diaries, Session VI: Witch Hunting

It didn't take too long. The "nice and lighty" house in the forest wasn't there anymore. A decaying house and sense of danger now stood in the woods.  The door was unstable and moved back and forth to the wind, on an unnerving high note. 
While The Grim and Beatryce the Priestess, most of the other stay in the invisibility aura cast by Master Jansen... The Witch is on the roof and wanna surprise them, but miserably fails... 
It takes about two rains of arrows and spells to pull her down. She summons seven ghost pyres, which die pretty quickly at the Undead Turning of the rightful Beatryce. Before actually dying, the witch seems to "crawl" away (or at least her soul), retiring from the woods and going deeper, reaching and old manor, sourrounded by foul flora and a weird light in the moon. Beatryce, his comrade "May I" (a guy who first slams doors, then asks for permissions), Master Jansens and his mysterious small-sized assistant decide to stay the…